OnePlus determined to create the best Android Flagship. It's often the mundane and over-looked opportunities that, once recognized and with the right kind of drive and vision, can develop into one of the most exciting disruptive market-shifts many industries see. The OnePlus story is no different. When Founder and CEO, Pete Lau, and co-founder and head of global Carl Pei met for the first time, they agreed to undertake what at the time seemed to be the most impossible challenge, create the best Android smartphone in the world. OnePlus went global from the start. Founded in December 2013 in Shenzhen, China, OnePlus decided to operate as a global company from the start. Its first device, the OnePlus One, was launched on April 23, 2014, in sixteen different countries spanning North America, Europe and Asia. The expectation was to sell around 10 thousand units of the OnePlus One. However, at the launch 3,000 requests per second overwhelmed the website which made it shut down. And by the end of the first year, the small team had eventually sold more than one million units worldwide.
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